Arts and Culture

As a former professional leather, beadwork, and textile artist I also write about Native arts. Yes, that’s my beadwork in the background. In addition to my usual venues, I’ve contributed to Native Peoples Magazine a few times (as well as been a featured artist there).

Review of “Fairly Traceable” Play–March, 2017

3 Historical Native Women You Should Know–March 2017

Native Americans in Los Angeles--LA Weekly, November 2016

5 Things you Didn’t Think of as Native Technology— ICT, June 2015

Final Accounting: Traditional Ledger Art—  Indian Country Today, December 2011

Ledger Art-–

Native American Dance Regalia—

What is Native Science and Traditional Environmental Knowledge–

History of Santa Fe Indian Market—

Art By Any Other Name, Native Peoples Jan/Feb. 2014

Art by any other nameArt by any other name 2Art by any other name 3Art by any other name 4

For the Love of Buckskin– Native Peoples, Sept/October 2013

Buckskin1 buckskin2.2 buckskin2 buckskin3 (2) buckskin4 buckskin5 buckskin6 buckskin7

Cream of the Crop– Native Peoples, May/June 2013

cream of the crop cream of the crop1 cream of the crop2 cream of the crop3 cream of the crop4 cream of the crop5

What a Doll- Charlene Holy Bear– Native Peoples, May/June 2012

Charlene Holy Bear cover Charlene Holy Bear1 charlene Holy Bear2

Eiteljorg Highlights (Sidebar to What a Doll) –Native Peoples, May/June 2012

eiteljorg sidebar

Dina One Heart Gilio (featured in Jan/Feb 2007 Native Peoples)

dina native peoplesdina native peoples

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