Commentaries and Essays

The following articles were published as op-ed pieces, essays, or reports.


Indian Country Today Media Network:

In Case You Thought Racism Was Dead (August 2016)

Is forgiveness the only option? (August 2016)

Healing Unresolved Grief in Indigenous and Settler Communities (August 2016)

Liberals vs. Conservatives: Still All Colonialism  (May 2016)

Decolonizing a Hippie Commune–March 2016

Real Indians, the Vanishing Native Myth, and Blood Quantum–August 2015

Ethnic Fraud and the Quest for Authenticity— June 2015

Genocide and Slavery the Evil Twins of Colonialism–February 2015

Obama on Natives and Immigration Reform–December 2014

On the Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act-  –November 2014

What Indigenous People Got from the World Conference– September 2014

The Ugliness of Indian-on-Indian racism  -February 2013

Summer Heat Campaign Slams Fossil Fuel Industry– August 2013

From Sovereignty to Autonomy — April 2014

Native American Studies Boycotts Israel— December 2013

Baby Veronica: US Doesn’t Respect Native Culture– August 2013 (nominated for a Native American Journalist Association award)

Justice for Mayan Guatemalans–June 2013 (nominated for NAJA award)

Culture as Commodity— April 2014

What is Good Native Governance? — April, 2014

Preparing for the World Conference— March 2013

Fukushima’s Nuclear Plume–2013

Biggest winners in Cobell Case   –(2012)

Native American History Month: Reconciling the Contentious History of a Nation– November 2012

Occupy Wall Street and Indigenous Peoples– (2011)

Master’s Thesis: Panhe at the Crossroads: Toward an Indigenized Environmental Justice Discourse DoD policy history reservations

Settler Colonialism 101

Settler Colonialism 102

Facts about Indian Reservations

Facts and Fiction about Thanksgiving

Tribal Profile– Colville Indian reservation

Who Are Native Americans?

 Profile: Russell Means

Profile: Chief Joseph

Profile: Vine Deloria, Jr.

Profile: Wilma Mankiller

The Untold History of American Indian Slavery

Other Publications

The Problem of the Ecological Indian Stereotype–KCET, Tending The Wild (January 2017)

The WCIP NOT our Conference–Intercontinental Cry, January 2015

nations and states will be tested–Intercontinental Cry, September 2014. (Co-authored with Rudolph Ryser and Heidi Bruce)

Indigenous Nations and Political Autonomy– Fourth World Journal, Summer 2014, co-authored with Heidi Bruce (partial article)

Indigenous autonom FWJ1 Indigenous autonom FWJ2 Indigenous autonom FWJ3 Indigenous autonom FWJ4

Implementing UNDRIP, Fourth World Journal, Summer 2014, co-authored with Heidi Bruce (partial)

Implementing UNDRIP 1 Implementing UNDRIP 2

United Nations World Conference on Indigenous Peoples– Center for World Indigenous Studies report

Disparities in Taxation in Indian Country– Center for World Indigenous Studies report, 2013 (co-authored with Rudolph Ryser and Heidi Bruce)

 Mapping the Americas–Book review in American Indian Quarterly, 2010

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