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The Colville reservation, Washington state. Photo: Dina Gilio-Whitaker

The Colville reservation, Washington state. Photo: Dina Gilio-Whitaker

As a Native studies scholar, my work focuses on indigenous self-determination and indigenous nations’ relationships to states. The following articles are news stories related to that topic.

Indian Country Today Media Network:

Beachfront Nuclear Wasteland (May 2017)

Ca. Coastal Commission Appoints First Native American (May 2017)

Indigenous Scholars March for Science (April 2017)

University of Montana Native Friendly (January 2017)

Environmental Justice and Indigenous Knowledge at Autry (December 2016)

3 native women who influence politics (August 2016)

Sacred Site in Newport Beach Saved (October 2016)

Some Native Rights you are Older Than Part 2 (August 2016)

Some Native Rights You Are Older Than (August 2016)

Two Paiute Students Succeed (July 2016)

3 Historical Native Women (July 2016)

Reviving Canoe Culture on Upper Columbia (June 2016)

Jim Boyd’s Passing (June 2016)

Racist Mascot that Won’t Die (June 2016)

The Other Slavery Book Review (June 2016)

At Rest for the Moment: Update on Mauna Kea (June 2016)

Bizarre Racist Math Test (June 2016)

Native Studies Association more Global than Ever (May 2016)

Will it Be Enough? Proposed Changes at United Nations (May 2016)

Endangered Sacred Site in Southern California (May 2016)

Paying to Pray in Northern California (May 2016)

Changes for Indigenous Peoples at United Nations (May 2016)

Awesome Cultural Exchange Programs for Native Youth (March 2016)

Interview with Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: And Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States (January 2016)

Rio Tinto’s Egregious Human Rights Violations (July 2015)

When Mad Bear Met Fidel (July 2015)

5 Things you didn’t Think of as Native Technology (June 2015)

Healing Historical Trauma Through Traditional Medicine (December 2013)

Dr. Glidden’s Museum Built of Bones (2013)

Quinault Nation and International Diplomacy (November 2013)

Chevron Refinery Sends Toxic Cloud (2012)

Dennis Miller’s Racial Slur about Sacheen Littlefeather— 2011 (ICTMN’s #7 most popular story for 2011)

Pacific Voyagers Epic Journey (2011)

Indigenous Peoples Call Canada’s Withdrawal From Kyoto Protocol Business as Usual (2011)

Kumeyaay Burial Site   (2011)

Other Publications

What Environmental Justice Means in Indian Country (March 2017, KCET Earth Focus)

The Problem with the Ecological Indian Stereotype (February 2017, KCET Earth Focus)

West Papua Wins Victory (July 2015, Intercontinental Cry Magazine, also picked up by Nationalia)


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