Video and Audio

Dina talking about new book on Rising up with Sonali:

Dina and Roxanne on Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC (radio, December 2016)

Dina and Roxanne on CSPAN Book Talk:

Dina and Roxanne on Michael Krasney, KQED San Francisco (radio, Nov. 29, 2016):

Dina and Roxanne on Native America Calling (radio, November 2016):


“Surfing Soulmates”–Johnny and Rosemari Rice. I love this because their story is so similar to my relationship with my husband Tom. Met and fell in love young, both surfers, one of us Native, lost contact for decades, reconnected and married later in life. Both men are even board shapers. Such a great story. I wrote about Johnny for Indian Country Today, and as it turns out it was only six months before his death. RIP Johnny Rice. You were loved and honored.

Surfing San Onofre



Native American and Indigenous Studies Association Conference, Washington DC, June 2015

“Fourth World Theory and Methods of Inquiry”

California Native American Day Teacher’s Conference Presentation at San Manuel Indian Reservation




Thanksgiving interview on WHDT World News, 11-26-15


My presentation (in absentia) for Surfing Social Hui Surf Studies Conference, sponsored by University of Waikato and held at Solscape in New Zealand, February 10-12, 2016. Title of the talk is “Will the Real Father of Modern Surfing Please Stand Up: Duke Kahanamoku, George Freeth, and the Politics of Indigenous Authenticity in Modern Surf Culture.”

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